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Midjourney Geometry Composition - Midjourney

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What is Geometry Composition?

  • Lines and Shapes: Create rhythm and dynamics using straight lines, curves, circles, triangles, and other shapes.
  • Symmetry and Balance: Provide the viewer with a sense of balance and harmony through symmetrical composition.
  • Repetition and Rhythm: Create visual rhythm by repeating certain shapes or patterns in the image.
  • Simplicity: Highlight the subject by minimizing distracting elements and using simple geometric forms.
  • Division of the Screen: Use geometric shapes to divide the screen into different parts, controlling the visual flow.
  • Leading Lines: Use lines within the image to guide the viewer's gaze, enhancing the directionality of the artwork.
  • Frame within a Frame: Use elements such as doorframes and windows as frames within the image to create depth and focal points.
  • Diagonal and Triangular Composition: Use diagonal and triangular compositions to add a sense of movement and stability to the image.

Geometry Composition in Midjourney

Diagonal composition

Lines and Shapes

in a cartoonish vibrancy medium shot, a young woman in a red Hanfu radiates with bold colors against a calm lake. Her expression blends resolve with a hint of whimsy. Behind her, a large-eyed, grinning dragon with vibrant orange scales hovers, cartoon outlines highlighting its whimsical form. They share a playful, light-drenched moment.

Symmetry and Balance

Repetition and Rhythm


Division of the Screen

Leading Lines

Frame within a Frame

Diagonal and Triangular Composition

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