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A Beginner's Guide to the Hardware Requirements | Stable Diffusion

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It is recommended to mix the use of local GPU and cloud GPU.

You Desire Convenient Home Use

  1. 6GB VRAM: For Basic Image Generation in SD 1.5
  2. 8GB VRAM: Adequate for Image Generation in SDXL and SD 1.5
  3. 16GB VRAM: for Efficient Model Training at a Reasonable Cost – A Balanced Approach (My Choice)
  4. 24GB VRAM: An Optimal Choice for Affluent Users

My Choice

  • For local testing and validation, Utilize a 4060TI 16GB GPU.
  • For training with large datasets, leverage the flexibility of cloud-based GPU resources for scalability and efficiency.

Cloud GPU



Google Lab / GCP

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