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Fun Fact of Civitai Prompts

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0x00 Introduction

The most frequently used token on Stable Diffusion Prompt is not "1girl" but "masterpiece".

0x01 Prompt

An interesting observation is that for every 100 images produced by Civitai, there are:

  • 50 images with the "masterpiece" token
  • 38 images with the "1girl" token
  • 15 images with the "looking at viewer" token
  • 10 images with "long hair"

Tokens with a 5% occurrence frequency:

The most frequent tokens are related to the image.

The most commonly used tokens are associated with quality (such as "masterpiece," "best quality," and "realistic"), indicating a strong user preference for high-quality images.

There is a strong focus on depicting female subjects, especially solitary portraits (such as "1girl," "solo," " standing"). Requests for male subjects are far less common.

Physical appearances such as hair and eyes are very popular tokens. In particular, long hair (like "long hair," "very long hair"), blue-green eyes, and black/brown hair.

There are many requests for nudity and revealing clothing. Tokens like "nude," "breasts," and "pussy" are quite common.

Emphasizing sexy poses is also popular (like "looking at viewer," "smile," "blush").

Clothing styles like "bikini," "lingerie," "school uniform" are common preferences. As well as tokens related to anime/games, such as "anime", "cosplay", "virtual youtuber".

There is a strong interest in Japanese culture, as shown by tokens such as "kimono," "geisha," "hanfu".

Fantasy themes are popular (like "elf," "wings," "magic," "horns").

So is science fiction (like "cyborg," "robot," "space").

Users desire extreme detail and realism, as evidenced by requests for "photorealistic," "8k," "hyper detailed," and the like.

Specific styles and techniques are often referenced, such as "oil painting," "watercolor," "greg rutkowski," "artgerm."

In general, there is a strong preference for high-quality images of young, attractive, nude/exposed female art. As well as many niche interests related to clothing, culture, and themes.

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